Mainly Two - Poetry

Mainly Two - Poetry (2014/2016)

Running time: 35 min

CD in cardboard wallet

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Poetry is the debut release from contemporary violin duo Mainly Two. After their inception in 2013, having outlined their mission to drastically expand the repertoire for two violins, MT snapped up over ten top composers, commissioning new works and arrangements. Recorded in July 2016 in one day, along with sister album Synergy, Poetry explores an intimate, nostalgic soundworld, at once steeped in the rich history of the instrument and the multi-faceted modern world. Featuring music by Steven Ebel, Toby Nelms, Enzo Bellomo, Charles Mauleverer, Lucy Claire and Michael Oliva.


Performed by Mainly Two (John Garner & Marie Schreer)
Recorded on 7th June 2014 at Konk Studios, London
Recorded, mixed* and mastered by Josh Green
Released on 17th November 2014, re-released on 20th May 2016 on Turquoise Coconut (TCO002)

*Tracks 3 and 10 mixed by the composer

All rights reserved

© Turquoise Coconut

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