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Outside the Mask

Mainly Two - Outside the Mask (2023)

Running time: 40 min

CD digipak with 6-page booklet


1. Outside the Mask, pt. 1

2. Outside the Mask, pt. 2

"Mainly Two could well be the doyenne/doyen of two-violin music" - Judith Weir

Marie Schreer - violin, voice, assorted items
John Garner - violin, waterphone, singing bowl

Two improvisations recorded live at home, 21 January 2023
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mainly Two

Releases March 3, 2023 on Turquoise Coconut (TCO021)

The artwork features a mask purchased in Auckland whilst travelling around New Zealand. The store proprietor wasn't certain of its origins, but suspected that it had been made by a Samoan artist.

All rights reserved

© Turquoise Coconut

Mainly Two - Outside the Mask, part 1 [excerpt]

Mainly Two - Outside the Mask, part 1 [excerpt]

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