Contemporary Violin Duo


Marie Schreer and John Garner formed Mainly Two in 2013 with a view to expanding the repertoire for two violins and bringing greater attention to an oft-neglected medium. They have since commissioned works by over twenty composers from across the globe and have performed live at celebrated venues including Sage Gateshead and St David’s Hall, Cardiff as well as at the 2021 Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music. Their two-part album Poetry / Synergy was independently released in November 2014 and re-released digitally on Turquoise Coconut in May 2016, followed some months later by an EP, Live at Listenpony. Their latest album, Squirrels in Matchboxes, was released in April 2020 and features new works by James Brady, Kate Williams and MT’s own John Garner, as well as two improvisations by the duo. During the summer of 2020, Mainly Two released "World Tour", a YouTube series of short concerts featuring music new and old from across the globe. Venturing deeper into the world of improvisation, 2021 saw them leading workshops at Sage Gateshead as well as making their debut at the Newcastle Festival for Jazz and Improvised Music.

From the playful to the melancholic, the brutal to the plain silly, Mainly Two are rejuvenating the world of two violins, summoning a universe of colour from eight strings.

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"...the compositions span an unusually wide breadth for such a small instrumental combination..."

Chris Potter, jazz saxophonist


"...superbly played with an exceptional sense of beauty, imagination and fun..."

Bradley Creswick, violinist



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